“And I would really, over the long run, hope America would find some way to provide all of our citizens with extended families -- a large group of people they could call on for help.”

--Kurt Vonnegut

The above quote serves as the de facto mission statement of The Improv Shop. Founded in 2009, we’re St. Louis’ only improvisational comedy theater and training center.

Through locally raised, organic, group-oriented longform improvisation, we try to manufacture small families made up of people that were once strangers. Using the skills and techniques of Chicago-style improv, students in our program learn to succeed on stage while becoming better human beings off-stage.

We believe that improv training is a powerful and necessary tool for the working actor, a fun way to become a more confident public speaker, and an exciting means of self-expression.

We hope you can join us for a show or a class.